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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Greetings Little Maltesers! Just a little update on all the puppies here...

    Henry (above & below) is now about 7 weeks old and doing wonderful!! His family has come to visit him a few times already and they are so excited to take him home at the end of the month!! Check out our Facebook page to see pictures of their visit! It is always so fun to meet our adopters and get to know everyone and call them family! Little Henry is quite the tiny character, he is constantly making us giggle! In a couple weeks he'll go in to meet Dr Wilson for his physical and micro chip. Henry is already a pro at potty pad training. He is a little smarty pants, lol. Here are some pictures I just took of Henry on his 7 week mark! Enjoy!


And Kitty's boys are also doing wonderful! They are now 5 weeks old! One boy is sold to the Cope family and one is still available!! The Cope's came to visit their puppy and it was such a pleasant visit! (See pics on Facebook) Their little guy is such a charmer! He has a chunky little face you can hardly resist! He likes to try to get up on his hind legs like a little bear! It is soooo cute! I'm still trying to get that on photo/video!! Like Henry, Kitty's puppies are also using their puppy pads! I am so proud of how well all these puppies are using their puppy pads already!

 COPE FAMILY PUPPY... (yet to be named) SOLD

And last but not least, our available little guy! He is such a sweetie!! He is using his puppy pads like a champ already! He is a little cuddle bug! He is a little more petite than his brother. Anyone interested in adopting this cutie can visit our website and fill out an adoption form.



Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kitty's Baby Boys!

Ha-ha, I forgot to post in my blog that Kitty had her puppies!! OOoops! So sorry! It can get a little overwhelming keeping up with all the different social media sites, emails etc.. But with no further delay!!!!.. Yes, Kitty did have herself two baby boys on 8.26.16!! Two cute as a button boys!! Hopefully you all follow us on our Facebook because it's my go-to, number ONE place to update on all the happenings! So if you do follow, you already know that, along with Henry, these two boys are taking over our hearts! One and a half weeks old now, they don't quite have those peepers all the way open yet but should soon.

Most of the people on our waiting list are still waiting for girls, so I do have one male puppy from Kitty's litter that is unclaimed as of this moment. One person on my waiting list has claimed one of these boys and will pick him out in a few weeks when she comes to visit. After that, whichever one is left will be available. If you have been wanting a puppy, waist no time, contact me before he is gone! It's not very often we have a puppy available after birth, lol.

Both boys are beautiful and as of right now, look almost identical. One has a little bit more of a baby face/shorter nose.

Kitty and Gracie have been more than happy to help each other with all the puppies together in one playpen. This made me so happy. I didn't want Gracie's one boy to feel alone, he needed someone to cuddle with.

All the peas in a pod...

Little Henry...

Oh.... to day dream and just lay around all day being pampered and loved! What a life it is to be a puppy! Little Henry, oh where to start on his cuteness!? He has the cutest little face and such innocence about him. A big three weeks old now! He spends most of his time toddling about and day dreaming about his new family! He is going to get a visit from them this coming weekend!!  Stay tuned to Facebook for lots of updates, video's, and pictures of little Henry!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome to the World Henry!

Welcome to the world Henry!

Gracie and Watson welcomed a healthy little male to the world on Monday, August 15th around 10:23 a.m. He is the only puppy in the litter and is sold to the Summers Family. They have named him Henry and are so excited to add him to their family! He is a darling!

We are expecting a litter from Kitty as well, probably in a week or so. So to all who are on the waiting list, sit tight, more puppies are coming soon! I am hoping Gracie's small litter doesn't push anyone back to getting a puppy next year instead, but it may very well be. We have many people wanting females, including ourselves. But we will keep you all posted.

Stay tuned to Facebook for updates on Kitty's litter and to watch little Henry grow! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016


 We have a lot of past puppy birthdays this month!! 
Whether they just passed or are coming up, we wish every one of them a very happy birthday!! 
We hope you get lots of pupcakes for your special day!!

Jasper, Bella, & Elliot

Paisley, Pippa, & Lila

Spanky, Ruby, & Bravely

Princess, Motzie, Puff-Puff, & Winston


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Just Some Updates

Greetings Maltese lovers! I thought it was about time I get into my blog and give an update! I forget that not all people probably follow us on Facebook, and that's where I do most of my updating.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely Independence Day! We took the weekend to just relax and play with our dogs. Now that our kids are grown, we don't get into the run around of festivities much anymore, and our dogs aren't fond of fireworks.

HOPE ...

First of all, let me tell you all that little Hope is doing great! Other than she is fixing to get a baby tooth pulled, all is good in her world. I talk to her mommy often. I am happy in the thoughts that she is being so pampered and loved, but I must say that it has been agonizing trying to get to a place of contentment without her here. I miss her horribly. I cried like a traumatized baby the night she left and still feel a black hole in my heart. But, I know it was in her best interest to find a new home and so in that I keep it together. It is amazing how this breed can latch onto our soul. Maltese are nothing short of precious!!!!

In other news, we are hoping to expect puppies from Gracie X Watson and also Kitty & Pippy, both in August. If all "took", we should be swimming in cuteness in no time! As Kitty will be retiring soon, and in order for us to continue breeding, we will be keeping any breeding quality females, one or two that Kitty might have.  And also maybe one from Gracie, we'll see. So we are not taking any more deposits on puppies for these two litters. We will however take deposits if people don't mind waiting for the next puppy season.

AWESOME DISHES ... Another tidbit I wanted to mention is that I had blogged about that little portable pet bowl set a while back and I wanted to let you all know that I did get it and love it! I have been using it whenever someone goes to work with me or just traveling. It is so cute and functional. Pippy came with me to the office this last week, you can see the bowl set in the background.

And what the heck! This thing is on sale now cheaper than when I got mine!! It's regularly $69.99, I think I paid $25.something, and now it's $20.97! So I have attached my link if you want to check it out. I love mine! If you want to be as cool as me and Pippy, you should probably order one (wink-wink).

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Home For Hope...

Little Hope has gone to live with her new Mama, Stacy! 

I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was to watch little Hope leave. I had anxiety and was sick to my stomach watching her go, but I knew in my heart that a more calm and 1-on-1 home was in her best interest for the long run. I think many people are a little shocked that we adopted her out, please know this was not easily decided... you see, Hope's condition requires her to stay as calm as possible and avoid being startled. She has spasms in her neck and when she gets over stimulated her condition worsens. Hope is sensitive to noise and quite fragile. In the raising of a bunch of Maltese, our home is quite rambunctious and noisy. Hope often got startled by all the barking and would run off in a panic. And separating her from the others was agonizing to her. So we tried to leave them all together, but then she often would get trompled by the bigger dogs who wanted to play. I spent as much time with Hope as I could, and as much as I would have loved to keep Hope here coddled in my arms, my other Maltese demand a lot of attention and work. And with puppy season coming soon again and with us keeping back more females soon, we decided that Hope would benefit from a new home. Things were just too stimulating here.

It was a blessing that I got a chance to raise and work with Hope.  She brought me so much happiness, as all Maltese do. It was a miracle to watch her go from totally disabled to almost normal in just a few months. She will always hold a place in my heart. I'm sure it's going to take us a while to get over the separation from her. Raising puppies is so rewarding in seeing the wonderful homes and happy faces on adoption day, but can also be tough love when you get too attached. And it never fails, I get attached to every one of them! Especially ones like Hope. It was a hard thing letting Hope go, but know that we found a wonderful home for her. Her new mom, Stacy, is retired and plans to spend all her time with Hope. And Hope is not alone, but has a new elderly Maltese sister to keep her company. She is very laid back, and calm. Hope will have company and not get too over worked. We felt this home was a good match for Hope. And the atmosphere may even help her condition improve. If it isn't working out with Hope, she is to be returned to us, but we believe these two will become best friends.

Stacy says she felt very blessed to be picked as Hope's new mom....

We'll keep you all informed of how Hope is doing in her new home!